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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

EO Water Saves Life After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

EO Water Saves Life After
Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Did you
hear the one about the cardiologist who had to save his own son’s life when doctors in the emergency room didn’t know what to do?  That’s not the beginning of a joke.  It’s a true story that, thankfully, had a good ending.  But how did it almost end tragically?  Let’s start at the beginning.

Twin boys went to the oral surgeon to both have a wisdom tooth extraction to prevent disease.  It was all routine surgery.  To my knowledge there was no tooth abscess, no wisdom tooth infection or pericoronitis, no wisdom teeth pain, and no wisdom tooth ache.  It was just about prevention.  Same surgeon.  Two boys, but might as well have been a do-over on the same person since they both had the same DNA.  That’s kind of how it works with identical twins.

After the wisdom teeth removal, both boys went home with their mother.  And that’s where the twins might as well have been unrelated.  One boy had no problems and healed up in a normal way and at a normal rate.

The Other Boy Almost Died After
The Wisdom Tooth Extraction

His mother took him to the emergency room that night.  He had an infection that is one of the most nasty and aggressive types in the world.  It’s called necrotizing fasciitis and it can kill within hours.  There’s no time for antibiotics to take affect, and they quite frankly don’t work very well in this situation.

Necrotizing fasciitis more commonly happens in one of the arms or legs.  The treatment there is usually to amputate the infected limb in an attempt to save the victim’s life.  But how do you do that when the infection is in the lower jaw?

The boy’s father was a cardiologist and happened to be in another state.  The doctors at the emergency room contacted him for consultation.  He was surprised that the ER doctors didn’t know about Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water or EO Water.  He had a few gallons of it and immediately shipped it to the hospital and hopped on the next flight.  He instructed the doctors to irrigate and flush the wound with EO Water regularly until he got there.

Every doctor knows the risk of necrotizing fasciitis and it’s not good.  Around 20% of its victims die.  Imagine his pleasant surprise when he was finally able to see his boy and the infection was under control and healing was taking place.  He had feared for his son’s life and instead had indescribable joy at seeing his son recovering nicely.  It was all because he knew about EO Water which had turned out to save his son’s life.

They say that knowledge is power, but I believe it’s only potential power.  What if our friend the cardiologist had known about EO Water, but had done nothing get get his hands on some?  There would have been no way of obtaining it in time.  It doesn’t grow on trees.  He used his knowledge and put it into action and had EO Water on hand.  He used it on his own patients routinely.

Where would you get your hands on some EO Water if your child’s life depended on it?  I know where I’d get it in minutes, without shipping, but I’ll explain that in a minute.

How often does infection happen after wisdom tooth extraction?  No one knows for sure because it’s not usually reported.  There are so many factors involved in whether you get a wisdom tooth extraction infection after this kind of surgery.  First and foremost it depends on the skill and sterile technique of the surgeon, but it also depends on how you care for the wound post-operatively.  And sometimes, we can’t even explain why infections happen in one person and not another (even when they’re almost identical people).

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Why Does Infection After
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Happen So Easily?

I believe there are a few reasons why wisdom tooth infection happens .  This surgery involves removing a tooth and there is often no way to close the wound.  The tooth socket remains open for days and days until gums and soft tissues heal over it.  During that time it’s impossible to keep out all food and debris.  Combine that with the mouth, the part of your body that is most populated with bacteria, and infections are bound to happen now and then.

The good news is that there’s something you can do to minimize your risk of infection.  Besides all the standard instructions your surgeon will likely give you, you can also bathe the wound with Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water three or four times a day.  That’s certainly NOT in the standard playbook, but if I have anything to do with it, it will be soon enough.

I had some oral surgery done by a friend of mine, Dr K, a few years ago.  I had only learned about EO Water myself about 10 months previously.  He had to remove significant areas of my palate associated with the largest tooth in the mouth, my upper left first molar.  It was all done with local anesthetic.  This kind of surgery leaves a big hole in the roof of your mouth that can’t be closed over and there is a considerable risk of getting infection of the sinuses.

As Dr K was removing bone from my palate (I apologize to the squeamish) he said to me things neither of us would ever say to a regular patient.  But I’m not a squeamish patient and I knew exactly what he was doing to me because I had done it to hundreds of people myself.  He said to me, “Dude, you’re going to be hurting tomorrow.”  My response was, “I don’t think so.”

That night I took a single pain pill right before I went to bed “just in case” so I wouldn’t be awoken by pain during the night.  It never happened.  I slept through the night and woke up the following morning without any pain at all.  Dr K hadn’t known that I was using two secret weapons in the fight against inflammation (the biggest cause of post-operative pain) and against infection (the other major cause of post-operative pain).

What Were My Secret Weapons?

I had drastically reduced generalized inflammation in my body by guzzling gallons of anti-inflammatory Life Support Water over a 9 month period prior to surgery.  I also rinsed my surgical wound with EO Water a couple of times before I went to bed that night.  I knew there would be no infection from invading bacteria.

Over the next couple of weeks that it took that wound to begin to close over, I rinsed with EO Water about four times per day.  If a dull ache began to happen with food getting into the wound, I would rinse with EO Water and the ache would be gone in less than 30 seconds.  I never took another pain pill after the first night when I had taken one as a precaution.  I never hurt.  Quite frankly, it even surprised me a bit.  The type of surgery I had had usually causes some misery for several days.  These two types of water had really made a lasting impression on me.

DISCLAIMER:  This story was about MY experience only and I do NOT mean to imply that you won’t have pain or infection following any type of surgery.  In fact, I will state emphatically that there is ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEE that anyone else will have my exact experience regarding painlessness after surgery.

But you ought to hear that experiences people keep telling me after using these waters prior to and after their surgery.  They are amazingly good, and consistently so.

So our cardiologist friend used EO Water to save his son’s life after a Wisdom Tooth Extraction from an infection so rapid and severe that it often requires amputation or leads to death.  His version of EO Water was very costly, but with the results, how could anyone doubt its worth?

I used EO Water to prevent problems after oral surgery with an open wound for a couple of weeks.  Let me tell you where I got my EO water for an absolute fraction of the cost of the EO Water that the cardiologist used.

I Got EO Water From My Tap in My Kitchen!

I own a top quality Life Support Water generator that creates the various forms of water we discuss on this blog and in our webinars, including the very unique and valuable EO Water.  Very inexpensive, and always on tap.  Who could ask for anything better?

Feel free to review some of the other posts I’ve made on this blog about EO Water.  For the most details, join us for one of our Water Webinars.

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