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What’s In Bottled Water?

Bottled Water Marketing Tells Us…

Hi… I’m Dr Paul with No BS Water

If you’re someone who’s worried about what’s in your bottled water, then this is the best video you could ever watch, and I’m going to explain why. But before I do that, I want to point out that the worry about what’s IN your bottled water has to be balanced with the question of what’s LEFT OUT of your bottled water.

We are a media society and marketing is everywhere to convince us to buy this, use that, vote for this, or whatever. The bottled water industry is in on this persuasion game bigtime. They’ve got most people convinced that bottled water is the best and safest water you can buy. That’s why they sell billions and billions of dollars of it all over the world… yes, I said billions, with a B. The top soda companies make more profit from their bottled water products than they do from their soda products. Can you say “unbelievably major markup” while they’re thinking “cha-ching.”

Bottled water marketing tells us that bottled water is healthier, more pure, and just plain better for us than tap water. Do you really believe that? Have you checked into where bottled water actually comes from? Much of it is just tap water… only it’s made worse. It’s made worse by overfiltering it so much that the water is stripped, and I mean that in the very ugly sense of the word. Bottled water is often just tap water that’s stripped even further of nutrients that your body needs to function optimally. You might have heard that reverse osmosis or RO water is better for you. This is just another form of water stripping and is used by the big two soda companies on their filtered tap water products.

I just told you that marketing is used to persuade people to some new belief system, and I realize you’re listening to a marketing piece right now so you have to evaluate what we’re saying too. Here’s what I want you to do. Listen with both your head and your heart and see if what we’re telling you looks, sounds, and feels right.

Let’s go back to this stripped water idea.  The World Health Organization wrote an almost 200 page document called “Nutrients in Drinking Water.” In that document they listed these things as “unequivocally essential for human health.” They also said “although not commonly realised drinking water provides some of these elements.”

* Calcium
* Sodium
* Potassium
* Chlorine
* Magnesium
* Iron
* Zinc
* Copper
* Chromium
* Iodine
* Cobalt
* Molybdenum
* Selenium

They then went on to list a bunch of others they said showed some beneficial health effects, but the ones I just read are “UNEQUIVOCALLY ESSENTIAL FOR HUMAN HEALTH.” These things are totally stripped out of many bottled waters.

So do you see why we shouldn’t just worry about what’s in our bottled water, but also what’s NOT in our bottled water?

I’m a health care expert and I’ve teamed up with Colleen, a ground water and water treatment specialist with almost 20 years in the industry. She tests water sources and designs water treatment systems for both homes and businesses. She’s well aware of what should NOT be in your water as well as what SHOULD be for optimal health.

Colleen and I are experts, a water expert and a health care expert, teaming up to educate you and whoever has an interest in their health — and especially their family’s and any others they may be responsible for. We’ve built an educational website that we’re sure you’ll enjoy and learn the things that you can easily implement for your own benefit.

Get The No BS Water Alerts To Your Inbox

Podcast With Dr Paul and Colleen Updates, Webinar Notices and
PDF Reports