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Well Drilling…
We Owe What????

By: Megan Benevides
Easton, PA, USA

A Horrendous Well Drilling Experience…

These are the water tanks now located in our garage.

These are the water tanks now located in our garage.

It all started Labor Day weekend 2011. We’ve had 4 water well drillers, 5 wells, one $5,600 water filtration system and 3 years of anguish.

Our house was a new build – The well drillers (A) kept pulling up dirty water so we had a state of the art water filtration system set up in our house (cost discounted from a friend- $5600). Company (A) tried several different ways to get the well and each time tacked on $1,000s here or there.

Our outrageous bill (over $30,000) was negotiated down to a more reasonable amount ($8,000+$3,500 in left over casing.) This was September 2011. For about 2 months, we were filling up 15 – 1 gallon jugs at the in-laws to flush toilets, cook minimal meals and wash hands.

We were introduced to Well Drilling Company (B). This was one of the WORST decisions ever. Well Drilling Company (B) said they would work with us. They charged us “by the hour” however they were never there when Roberto would “show up” to check on progress. In just a few days (less than 2 weeks) they cracked (mushroomed the casing) the steel casing Drilling Company (A) installed and decided they didn’t want to work for us. In those few hours we lost the money we paid Drilling Company (A) and on top of this, Company (B) sent a bill for $8,000 but never offered us a solution.

We had temporary (rented) tanks installed in our garage. The two tanks totaled 1300 gallons. Water was delivered every 2 weeks at $126 a pop! But now we can use our house normally!

On to well drilling guy (C)! He wanted to work with us. He wanted to help. He sat with us and came up with a plan. He started drilling in November of 2011. In his first hole he lost a part to his well rig, couldn’t retrieve it and needed to close up the hole. He started a new hole. It is now December 2011.

He drilled, and drilled, and drilled, and drilled, and drilled, and drilled… ok you get the point. Roberto was out there with him each Saturday and Sunday helping him get us running water. In February 2012 well guy (C) needed to stop. The poor guy had such a bad back he couldn’t continue… he needed surgery! He said if all goes well with the surgery, he would be back in a few weeks to finish up.

Well, it didn’t… in April 2012, well drilling guy (D) came and finished the job!

Our state of the art water filtration system isn’t working with this well. I am 6 months pregnant sitting in a tub of orange slime. I was greasy! My hair was so gross (after washing it) I broke my brush! Our wonderful water filtration guy rushed over to help us out. He has been really great through all of this!

Turns out, we don’t need that part of the system… the coagulant. (The final well, costing $15,000)

New Year’s Day 2013: Roberto gave the boys a bath earlier in the afternoon. That night we put both boys to bed and I was ready to jump into the shower. I had to go back to school the next day! I turned the handle on the shower to warm it up and nothing came out. My heart sank. I calmly came out to Roberto and asked if there was reason nothing would come out of the faucet… his face turned white as if he just saw a ghost! This is where we are at. Nearly $40K invested in water and we have none! We don’t know what is wrong. 3 days of specialists coming out and we don’t have any answers.

In Jan. 2013 we purchased 3/1,000 gallon tanks and a pump and had them installed in our garage. We have had water delivered again… We have spent almost $50K and have had no luck. No one can give us answers. The other 6 homes in our development never had a problem drilling or using their wells. We have spent countless months turning into years and dollars trying to figure this out. No one can help us, not the zoning officer, DEP, EPA, Watershed, Contractor or Lawyers, etc. We are left completely alone on this… a business man and a teacher… left to figure this out and foot the bill. We have been without a well since Jan 2013 and the well we had only lasted 8 months. Something is wrong!

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