"They gasped when I refused to swallow one more mouthful
of water from the very bottled water facility that I had
lovingly designed and constructed to provide drinking water
to my own community just a few years before"

"My name is Colleen a 23 year veteran in the water industry
I would like to make a confession..."

Colleen RobertsThat's right - Finally, it’s time to admit to the biggest mistake of my career.  As a dedicated expert in the water industry for the past 23 years I have carried the important message of water for a long time.  I find that we do learn a lot from research and study but really I have learned the most in my career from time and experience.

We're in this amazing age of science or at least we think we are - when we talk about water we’re generally operating from a chemical mindset... as a result we can easily downplay the most important element in our life.

I've had an obsession and still do with drinking water, when a person with my training and experience has seen as much as I have, with a high level of understanding of all forms of treatment and disinfection I’m obviously going to look at drinking water on another entirely different level of reality.  As a result for many years, the only water I would consume was bottled water (AKA) reverse osmosis water in most cases.  Now, many years later, fully armed with research and all the information that most people will EVER need I’m here to share with you that bottled water perhaps had a severe negative effect on my health.

Do You know that even the World Health Organization has done the research for you?

Thirteen years ago I took my bottled water obsession MUCH further, I built the Bottled Water Store for our community in Mill Bay, British Columbia... believe me when I say, “I designed the system to heavily strip water... just like almost ALL commercial bottled waters regardless of your country, there’s generally nothing left - it is stripped - it is DEAD water!

DEAD, DEAD, DEAD - Folks if you are here reading this right now, I’m going to assume that you're not DEAD - so the big question is why then would any of us drink DEAD water?”  Have you ever wondered that yourself?

Now, here’s an even bigger question, if I’m SO smart... why didn't I think to ask myself why I had built a very successful business by feeding DEAD bottled water to an entire community on Vancouver Island!?  Here I was, providing a high-grade aggressive bottled water to the very people that I had constructed the facility to protect, including my own friends, and my own family!

The simple truth,  I just didn't know!  As a certified Environmental Water Systems Operator I was never trained to think in terms of life support water, basically I am trained to KILL... that's right – my job is not really life support.  We've all heard of Walkerton and many other epidemics.  My training is to make sure that NEVER happens, so I'm in the business of KILLING – killing off micro-organisms and without questioning what kind of chemical soup I might really be producing as long as it meets the standardized government guidelines.

WARNING: Now please allow me to be very clear!

Without proper treatment and disinfection and or sterilization of drinking water, there would  be serious or even life-threatening epidemics... that's a fact!  But we still have options even with heavily treated tap water… but I strongly feel that bottled water in most cases should NOT be one of them!  I do receive a lot of emails asking about drinking tap water vs bottled water… I know that tap water often leaves a lot to be desired and really that’s exactly why I built the bottled water facility for Vancouver Island in the first place.

Now I KNOW I’m going to ruffle a few feathers… and I’m MORE than prepared to put my long standing reputation on the line – PROOF they will ask, “where’s the PROOF?!”  Well, if PROOF is all that it’s going to take to make a difference, then I am more than well-armed with plenty of PROOF!

A major incident in my life occurred eight years... a serious car accident, I was left injured… facing the fact that most days I felt very little hope.  Without elaborating on all the life sucking details, three years after the accident I came to an abrupt realization that caused me to immediately FLAT-OUT-REFUSE to swallow one more mouthful of bottled water, for the most part the bottled water industry should be greatly reduced.

Something happened and it really opened my eyes!   My friends and family never suspected that I was questioning the quality of water that was being produced from the system I had built for the community… I was pretty tight lipped and deeply concerned.  Battling with the truth about how I may have affected my community?  I drank bottled reverse osmosis water for years – when I suddenly stopped replacing it with a life support water from a simply technology that I had never heard of before.  Yes, I may be an expert in my field but like many experts I had remained indifferent to new information... not prepared to allow my own belief system to be challenged.

I clearly understood what we were producing and feeding to the public, I was finally forced take the expert blinders off…  open my mind and just be willing to take a look.   Within months my health improved significantly and I wondered… why is this unique water such a hidden pain reducing secret, why was this information all over the EVENING NEWS?

With several years of illness, pain and a relentless never ending schedule of treatments I was NOW questioning everything… not a single DOCTOR had MENTIONED this water to me… in fact they hadn't mentioned water at all!

Now, I do realize there’s not a lot of money in prescribing water, I really do get that - especially when comparing water to the “Big Pharma Business” but I would think that every doctor must know that health on any level is impossibly difficult without water that has the ability to be absorbed at a cellular level.  Gosh, the human body is 65% water after all, most people do understand the importance of good nutrition but WHO is discussing drinking water quality.  Apparently NOT most doctors!

I am not talking about what we are reading on our lab or chemistry reports, our understanding of drinking water must be much deeper.  It's vital!

It’s Not Your Fault…

You deserve good health, you've probably also experienced the pain of losing a loved one far too soon… we may know someone who is battling a major disease right now.  In my case I was rapidly draining my bank account in a desperate search for the miracle cure.  Often asking myself, “What could I have done differently?” Sadly, many are discovering that the Golden Age is not so Golden after all – but friends please consider this... it’s not your FAULT!

As I struggled with the truth, wishing I had never built the water store.  At times while operating the store I had friends who were terminally ill… who suddenly because of their illness or disease would now come to the store faithfully as they battled to survive, they believed that drinking bottled water would help them win their battle!

Of course I didn't know what I have since learned with research, that's why I say, "I am prepared to put MY OWN REPUTATION on the line."   I was sickened - I was questioning my own integrity… I still live with the unspoken knowing that the bottled water facility I had designed and built for my community was a really LOUSY idea!  The remaining BIG problem though was this... I had sold the store – I no longer had control - I couldn't stop production, as much as I wanted to – I could NOT lock the damn doors!  In understand that just just because something can be built it doesn't always mean it should be.

As I struggled with the truth, wishing I had never built it?  I've had a number of friends with cancer… suddenly because they were with cancer they would now only drink bottled water from that store!  I was sickened - I was even questioning my own integrity… I lived with an unspoken knowing that all things considered the bottled water facility I had designed and built for my community was a really LOUSY idea!

The remaining BIG problem though was this, I had sold the store prior to the accident – I no longer had any control - I couldn't stop production from that system even if I wanted to – If I could, I would lock the damn doors for good!  Folks, just because something can be built it does not mean that it should be.

It all feels so long ago, a lot has changed… including my own now near perfect health.  Do I drink Bottled Water?   Never, not once since that day, no DEAD bottled water for me.  I delivered my algae producing bottled water cooler along with the 5 gallon blue jugs to recycle and that was the end of that chapter in my life.

Good health is the greatest gift of all… every single morning I wake up feeling GREAT, I live without pain and without DRUGS.  I can travel again, I enjoy a very full active life connecting with people from all over the world. Yes, I do still practice my profession in the groundwater industry but I was determined to embark on a far GREATER path, a path I would have never have taken had it not been for the car accident and for that I am grateful.

The accident was indeed a blessing, my goals changed I wanted to make an IMPACT now as an international drinking water educator… we have done just that. I do not believe in luck but I was very fortunate to connect with a brilliant dental surgeon from Arizona, I shared my story… I was determined to take what I had experienced to the world.

Now Dr. Paul is not just an average dental surgeon, he's quite exceptional in fact... he's an award winning dental surgeon honored for his outstanding research abilities.  He certainly understood the life support water unlike anyone I have ever known, he's also drank the same unique life support water for a number of years.  Dr. Paul felt compelled to work together on our joint mission to make a difference.  My desire to correct a wrong was deep.

Dr. Paul remained deeply committed to the project as we took it so much further than either of us had originally anticipated.  I initially calculated a few months to completion but the complete project actually took just under two years.  Dr. Paul wanted the facts… he wanted to show you the PROOF!  He's a real stickler for credibility... some days he would truly make me a little crazy (shhh) as he was relentless and he wanted all the information presented in a way that was not only correct but easy for everyone to understand - yes, the project was painstaking at times - there were also times when we both felt like quitting, but quitting simply was not an option and we both knew it!

As we bring this information to the world it's definitely opening eyes… really WIDE!  We've certainly NOT made a declaration of war against anything but we have brought some shocking information to the table, not only that, but we easily SHOW the facts – they're very visual - we chose to not hide anything, the proof cannot be denied.

Most people are aware that the BIGGEST spenders on TV advertising isn't the soft drink industry or the car industry.  It’s the drug companies!  Commercial after commercial after commercial pushing prescription drugs (loaded with dangerous side effects).  The TV Networks are BEHOLDEN to Big Pharma.  Basically they are “owned by” these drug companies.  The last thing they’ll stand for is the truth about the dangerous drugs let alone the amazing secrets of a unique life support water that can't be mass marketed for huge profit.

Dr Paul and I will keep this information public for as long as we possibly can, it’s now being shared all over the world… friends and families share with their loved ones, even YouTube has grown rather fond of of us!

“Okay, Colleen, How Can I Get This Water Too?”

When I first learned of this technology several years ago there was not a Water Share Program in place near our community.  A Water Share Program wasn't available for me as it is for so many people today, I fortunately decided to purchase the technology - I’ll never forget that amazing sunny day - the day the ferry I had boarded landed on Vancouver Island with the first life support water device to the island safely tucked away in my Subaru on the car deck!

Fast-forward to today… Water Share Programs are cropping up all over North America and the UK, actually all over the world, the demand for this unique electrolyzed life support water is capturing a tremendous attention globally.  In fact, there are now offices that have been constructed around the world where many devices are in place offering water to anyone at no cost for an indefinite period of time.  You may have already heard of it, it's called the Water Share Program.  Many areas, even remote or rural areas have also organized a Water Share Program on a smaller scale available in many small communities.

As a result of this global expansion… we began to receive plenty of emails.  Everything was perfect when the requests were mostly local and most of them were from friends of friends etc., we could just quickly respond.  But now a couple years later managing a large number requests became rather cumbersome, as people experienced the water… as the word spread the requests for water obviously grew.

People Love Experiencing WHY This Water is So Different!  It is an experience...

Here's the correct way to request the Water Share Program contact information:

We can now share a specific location and a contact for a Water Share Program nearest you - where you may easily become a member of a program that shares water freely within your community.  But to enable us to help you locate the closest contact in your area we welcome your request by using the Water Share Request Form - this will allow you to connect with us as quickly as possible… we do ALL that we can do to respond as quickly as possible, Joyce will generally email the correct contact information to you within 24 hours of receiving your request.

If there's not a Water Share Program in your area, we will let you that we're not able to locate a water share contact in your area.  We don’t manage the individual programs, if there's a waiting list we understand that you may not always be able to get on the program in your area immediately, but generally the wait is not to long.

The World Health Organization Report

Oh, I almost forgot!  We’ll also send you the World Health Organization Report, you may remember that I mentioned the research they have done as well… it’s a fascinating report, we’ll send it to your inbox with the Water Share Program information.

Information You Won't Find Anywhere Else!
The Skeptical Physician
Dr Tim McKnight


Confessions of a
Skeptical Physician
Dr Tim McKnight

Discover how Dr. Tim McKnight decided to get to the DR TIM MCNIGHTbottom of the story of ionized water.

When one of his wellness students kept telling him about ionized water, wanting his opinion, and asking him to go see a demonstration, he knew the only way out was to go and see it firsthand. Then, and only then could he render his opinion about whether this was a scam, or, if there was credible science behind ionized water.

With his inquisitive scientific background, including a bachelor’s and master’s in nutrition completion of his PhD coursework in nutrition, and a medical degree from Ohio State University and two years of clinical practice, Dr. McKnight certainly was a  skeptical physician. But with an open mind he watched and listened, then researched, tested alkaline ionized water  and ultimately wrote his insightful book Confessions of a Skeptical Physician to share his findings and conclusions.