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What are Water Well Drilling Reports & Why Are They Important?

The Importance of Water Well Drilling Reports

Water Well Drilling Reports Requirements
Water Well Drilling Reports are Commonly Referred to as Well Logs

In the majority of Provinces and States water well reporting is mandatory however that was not constantly the case and for some locations water well reporting is a more current requirement.

Many individuals question why there’s not any information readily available for water wells that they are investigating, it’s due to the fact that water well reporting was not constantly a requirement and it’s left a lot homes and properties with no details or well records at all which can become an issue sometimes.

Why are Water Well Drilling Records Important?

The well logs are exceptionally crucial for a variety of factor. To start with the managing authorities are far more worried with the tracking of ground water resources and data accumulation. Many government agencies are now gathering and preserving large databases of water well records for each province or state.

It’s likewise a crucial file that will likely be needed to buy or offer real estate for sale with a water well.

It’s may be challenging to sell a property with a well that does not have a drilling report.  Many buyers and loan providers will need details about the water well since they would like to know that the property has a trustworthy source of water.

Even if there is a water well on location it does not indicate that it’s reliable as the well drilling reports may not be accurate for many reasons. If a water well pump needs to be replaced or other well maintenance is needed the report is typically very helpful.

Information on Water Well Reports

Well drillers are now generally required to submit a Well Drilling Report or a water well log when a well is drilled, modified, restored or abandoned.

The drilling report generally consists of the name and address of the owner, legal description, location of well on the property, diameter of the well, the approximated yield, general description such as depth and lithology which is the information about the local material and depth that was encountered while drilling.

It’s extremely important to keep in mind that although the water well record might be on file the information has not been validated or reliable

Details about the water quality and potability of the ground water is normally NOT part of the well record reporting by the driller since water samples are generally taken by others and sent to the water testing lab (e.g., homeowner), AFTER the driller has completed drilling.

Locating Lost Water Well Drilling Reports

The well driller typically leaves a copy of the well record with the homeowner, some have the habit of holding the report until the drilling invoice is paid in full.   A copy is sent to the Ministry of Environment or other managing agency for that location on a voluntary basis. The driller keeps the 3rd copy.

If a report is not on file or managed in an existing database then it’s very possible that the original well record remains on file at a local drilling office.  Sometimes it possible to retrieve the document.

Some water well drillers keep very organized files and may be able to access a lost drilling report easily. Others may not have up-to-date filing system or the original well driller may have gone out of business therefore making it very difficult to retrieve the report.  If a drilling office is prepared to locate the document there may be a small fee for the time required to do so.  The documents are often still in their physical form and not easily accessible from the drilling company’s computer.

Failing this it’s possible that the original property owner at the time the well was drilled may still have a copy of the well log and other documents stored away somewhere.  It’s always a VERY good idea to have a water well information file that seals and stores the water well documents.  The water well documents are valuable and important  need to be protected from loss or fading.


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