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Vitamins and Supplements


Vitamins and Suppliments

Hi, this is Dr Paul. 
If you’re one who takes vitamins and supplements because you want the best nutrition for your body, then this will be one of the most important pieces of information you’ve ever found, and here’s why.  The biggest factor is actually the utilization by the body of those supplements, and I mean utilization on a cellular level and smaller.  You may spend a small fortune trying to buy the best supplements you can find.  Alternatively, you may believe that all supplements are created equal and so you go for the lowest price.  But here’s where I want to give you some food for thought.

I was recently in an educational setting where there was a lot of talk about specific ingredients of one product vs another in a given supplement.  Quite frankly the amount and type of specific ingredients CONTAINED in the supplement is only part of the debate.  The real question is how much of an ingredient is actually absorbed into the body, first from the digestive system, and secondly, at the cellular level.  It’s about whether your body actually utilizes the foods and supplements you put into your body or whether they pass right through.  There are vitamins and supplements out there that won’t even dissolve in water, let alone within your digestive system.

I don’t mean to be gross, but I’m a doc so I have to comment about what we know about the body.  Anyone who has ever looked at feces knows that there are often whole pieces of food that are never broke down enough to be absorbed and utilized within the body.  The same is true for supplements.  Have you ever seen an image like this that shows supplements that have never even broken down from their tablet form and they pass right through you?

How about this one.  It’s a picture taken during colonoscopy.  Colonoscopy first involves a clearing of your digestive system so the colonoscope can get clear pictures within your colon.  Imagine the surprise when the scope shows something like this still remaining.  It’s actually a prescription tablet meant to break down and be taken up into the body.  Instead you’re flushing it down the toilet with barely the coating removed.

Would it surprise you if I told you there may be a way to help your supplements break down better in your stomach by changing the liquid with which you swallow them?  If the supplements break down better there, then there is much more surface area of the supplement exposed to your digestive system as it passes through.  The whole purpose of the digestive system is to take large foods and break them down into micronutrients your body can utilize in biochemical processes at the cellular level and smaller.  It all starts with breakdown of your supplements from big to small.   Swallow them with a liquid that helps improve that process, and you’ve started down the right path.

I’d like to invite you to join me and my friend, Colleen, for  a webinar we’ve designed to educate about just such problems.  Colleen is a water specialist herself so I know you’re going to love what she has to teach.  Just like all supplements aren’t created equal, neither are all waters created equal.  If you’re interested in getting the most out of your supplements, you won’t want to miss this webinar.  It’s free education that can really alter how you look at nutrition and how the body makes the most of what you put into it.


Get The No BS Water Alerts To Your Inbox

Podcast With Dr Paul and Colleen Updates, Webinar Notices and
PDF Reports