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Tap Water vs Bottled Water

Tap Water vs Bottled Water
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Tap-Water-vs-Bottled-WaterA little more information about
Tap Water vs Bottled Water…

Tap Water vs Bottled Water | there’s a modern dilemma where the wrong side is winning the battle. The dilemma is Tap Water vs Bottled Water. Here’s why we say the wrong side is winning.

Trends come and go, while principles endure. We’re in a very long trend of using bottled water, but bottled water is now a factor in the number one cause of death in the western world: heart disease. We hope this trend will begin to decline very soon.

In 1976 people consumed just 300,000 gallons of bottled water per year in the USA.

By 1997, just 21 years later… that number rose by more than tenfold to 3.4 million.

Obviously when debating Tap Water vs Bottled Water, people began to believe the marketing hype.  Much of the long-term effects of this behavior was just coming to light.  It would take only take 8 more years for the floodgates to open showing the poor choice that had been made by far too many of us.

Between 1990 and 2005, the rate of consumption of bottled water went up by 400%. In that same year, 2005, the World Health Organization compiled and reported on data from all over the world clearly showing a link between the wrong kind of water and heart attacks, high blood pressure, and heart failure… Really?  Really!

They specifically spoke against “The US …modern water systems” in the U.S. (and those systems are throughout the modern world).

The next time you’re wondering if you should drink tap water vs bottled water, learn the facts and make the wiser choice. Tap water is not known for its great taste, but with one minor tweak, tap water is the most palatable and wisest choice.

If you are struggling with the tap water vs bottled water debate… we understand, Dr Paul and Colleen both experts in their fields did too, bu what they have learned is fascinating North America.  Take a little time and join them on their global webinar, you’ll be glad you did!

Webinar with Dr Paul and Colleen
3 Critical Things To Know Before Drinking Your Next Glass Of Water


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Podcast With Dr Paul and Colleen Updates, Webinar Notices and
PDF Reports