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Alkaline Water Fraser Valley

Electrically Alive Water – Alkaline Water

Water that can electrically interface with our cells I believe is the biggest single requirement for this job. There is not one part of the body system that can function in the absence of electrically alive water. The entire electrical function of every cellular process in the body depends on the electrical conductivity of every […]

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System Safety Speed

A Great Formula For Water

And You Thought It Was Just H20? This weekend I’m attending a conference to further my education unrelated to medicine or water.  During the conference, a formula was presented that was ideal for the topic we’re studying.  I couldn’t get it out of my mind after I got home last night. The ideal formula was […]

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No BS Water - EO Water - Part 5

EO Water For A Healthier Mouth
Part 5

On teeth, bacteria can and do build great colonies and there’s no natural system to disrupt them except for the food we chew that wipes off SOME areas of our teeth. Undisturbed plaque will create havoc if we don’t disrupt their colonization quite frequently. If left alone, plaque bacteria often will invade into the body […]

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NoBSWater Dehydration Symptoms

Dehydration Symptoms

Dehydration Symptoms are not always indicated by a dry mouth alone. Dehydration is not something that happens to people when they wonder around the desert for several days without water. Many are chronically dehydrated and may be experiencing some dehydration symptoms without being aware. Several years ago I was a relentless consumer of Bottled Water […]

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