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A Great Formula For Water

And You Thought It Was Just H20? This weekend I’m attending a conference to further my education unrelated to medicine or water.  During the conference, a formula was presented that was ideal for the topic we’re studying.  I couldn’t get it out of my mind after I got home last night. The ideal formula was […]

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Fluoridation and the CDC

Let’s talk about the curious issue of fluoride in water and governments making this fluoridation happen, for better or for worse. I was academically “raised” on allopathic “western medicine.” Medication, surgery, and other intervention was the norm.

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Dr Paul Q & A

Q & A with Dr Paul

Do You Have  A Question for Award Winning Dental Surgeon Dr Paul? Dr Paul answers many questions as well as authoring a lot educational material for his online fans… a wonderful and always giving educator! We’ve now put all of Dr Pauls Q&As in one place… if you have a question for Dr Paul please […]

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No BS Water - Optimized Water

What Do Chewing Gum And Optimized Water Have in Common?

Ok… seriously! What Does Chewing Gum And Optimized Water Have in Common? Answer: Teeth For many years dentists have been advising that if you can’t brush after eating, grab a piece of chewing gum and chew on it for about 20-30 minutes. Ever wondered why? And have you ever wondered why your dentist didn’t say […]

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