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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Did you hear the one about the cardiologist who had to save his own son’s life when doctors in the emergency room didn’t know what to do? That’s not the beginning of a joke. It’s a true story that, thankfully, had a good ending. But how did it almost end tragically? Let’s start at the […]

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Infected Wisdom Tooth

Infected Wisdom Tooth Might be Pericoronitis Best Home Remedies with Dr Paul

If you’ve had pericoronitis or wisdom teeth symptoms, you know the experience of a wisdom tooth ache. It hurts like crazy when eating, it throbs when you’re not, it can cause fevers, severe illness, and can preoccupy your mind like nothing else.

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Healthier Mouth with EO Water Part 3

EO Water For A Healthier Mouth
Part 3

This article on EO Water is part of a special 5 part series by Award Winning Dental Surgeon Dr Paul EO Water Part 1 of Healtier Mouth and EO Water Part 2 of Healthier Mouth If you get a small cavity, will it give you a tooth ache?  Hardly.  You probably won’t even know it’s […]

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