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Real Estate with Water Well Issue

NoBSWater-Real-Estate-Water-Well200x200Great Site!  Excellent Info

I have just come through the difficulties you describe selling with a failed potability test but my Real Estate deal has completed with some subjects still on it.  Well now arranging disinfection etc with local professionals who carefully took original sample (who might want to sell  me $7000 worth of treatment??)

I now have to wait on 2nd potability result, they seem to know what they are doing but do not discuss too much about well cleaning as you do so well heterotrophic plate bacteria seem all too likely an issue based on your infoknow of any other professional companies in this area?  Appreciate your help Colleen,  thanks.

 Cliff A

Cliff, thank you for your question…  nothing fun about having an 11th hour water well issue while trying to complete a real estate deal.   I’ve been involved with real estate in water wells for nearly 20 years,  I do recommend that water samples are done at time of listing not time of sale for this very reason.  That being said let me see what I can do to help.   There may be a little bit of a time pressure for you if your offer  is firm with conditions.    I’m a little different than most people who work in the industry,  I often begin with cleaning the well.  Even if you do spend $7000 on a whole house water treatment system it would make sense to maintain the well,  greatly improving the quality of water before and after treatment.

Without having a lab report in front of me it would  not be responsible to comment on cost of treatment.  Firstly, you want to be sure that all testing is done by a certified lab, NOT by a water treatment company as that is a severe conflict of interest in my opinion.   The bacteria sample  also known as micro-screen  should be complete –  Coliform,  Non-coliform,  E. coli,  Fecal  and a Heterotrophic Plate Count – that’s what I would want to see.   Then we want a snapshot of the chemistry – which should include a full metals scan as well as pH, total hardness, and even tannins if for dealing with any kind of a surface contamination issue.   See a lot of what you test for depends on the construction and depth of the well… but nonetheless this will cover it.

By testing your well water, it may be discovered that you have awesome well water chemistry.  At this point and only then that specific treatment should be recommended.   Water treatment systems need to be designed for chemisty while taking many other things under consideration. So in a nutshell you may need $7000 worth of water treatment (highly unlikely)  or you may not.

Once you have the lab report and you know exactly what your issues are maybe come back here and let me know,  I will further comment on your lab report.   I always recommend more than one quote if possible.   Unfortunately I can’t make any recommendations other than what I’ve already suggested as I would need a little bit more information Cliff.

Hope this helps…

Colleen Roberts
Groundwater Consultant
EOCP Certified, BC





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Podcast With Dr Paul and Colleen Updates, Webinar Notices and
PDF Reports