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Real Estate and Water Well Nightmares!

NoBSWaterDrillingWell200x200Question: From Amy…
Purchasing Real Estate with a Water Well

We might buy a house. Haven’t gotten so far as inspections. But the last time the house was on the market it didn’t sell because the well “wasn’t working”. Renters have to periodically fill a storage tank because the well sometimes doesn’t work. What are the most common and most expensive well problems?

The area is supposed to have a high water table. So it couldn’t be a dry well, right?

Colleen’s Response:

Amy thank you very much for your question, let me see if I can help. There’s likely a really good reason why the tenants are having to fill the water reservoir periodically… and of course how often will depend on the volume of water that is required on the property.  Water hauling can become very inconvenient and costly.

When you are purchasing Real Estate with a problem well you may be signing up for an ongoing problem that you may deeply regret down the road. I strongly recommend that you hire a very competent water well or groundwater specialist to have a look at the water well and make whatever recommendations are required. Amy, the well may not be dry there may be something else going on but in any event please do not purchase a property with a dry well problem, if this is your first home it could be a devastating situation for a young family.

If you perform a complete water well inspection and then choose to make an offer then you will know exactly how to offer on the property based on the water well facts. Please do not buy into someone telling you that the area has a high water table… information like that usually comes from people that have no idea what’s going on. You wouldn’t believe the water well stories I’ve heard over the years! You especially don’t want to rely on information from someone who has a vested interest, keep it arm’s-length and keep it professional!

Instruct your Realtor to add whatever subjects are required so that you are completely protected, I would be very specific and if water well work is required then please request plenty of time. Things generally never go as quickly as planned but if the water well issues are resolved sooner then you just simply remove subjects.

Remember Amy, as a purchaser you are in a “Buyer Beware” (caveat emptor) situation… When it comes to real estate and water wells a wise investor will do their due diligence. Don’t allow anyone to pressure you or make any warranties or guarantees without having them in writing. I speak from a lot of Real estate and Water Well experience Amy.

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Podcast With Dr Paul and Colleen Updates, Webinar Notices and
PDF Reports