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  • Marketing is not one dimensional... use systems that adapt with a high level of connectivity
  • A system that brings amazing new ideas and tremendous value to your business!
  • Share your content through a number of channels that allows our visitors and followers to connect with you.
  • A unique way to expose yourself and your listings to a truly global audience.
  • Search engines can help you get prospects from anywhere in the world.
  • Exclusivity... "Why fish from the same pond as other agents?"
  • A feeder system that sends traffic to your primary website... this traffic helps increase the ranking of your website.
  • The opportunity to engage and support many favorite businesses in your community... this is HUGE!
  • Connect with many other agents within the community from all over North America.
  • We will offer plenty of ongoing marketing education to this community... "We Love Marketing"
  • Allow the system to work... even when you are not!


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The System is Designed To Grow!


Richard Goldney ~ Remax Anchor


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Your Community... what's possible is truly amazing!

Fantastic opportunity for Real Estate professionls to not only promote yourself and listings but promote others within your community.

The possibilties are endless!

Richard Goldney, Qualicum Beach

How To Sell A City ~ Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall...Perry Marshall 80_20 Author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing ~ Perry Marshall's interview with...

Former Economic Development Director of Schaumburg Ilinois, Jim Feltham, on the Biggest Ticket Sale of All.

How to Sell a City... Interview

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Lois Geller

President of Lois Geller Marketing Group


Lois GellerLois has written many books in the field of Direct Marketing, including, Sold! Direct Marketing for the Real Estate Pro, Response! The Complete Guide to Profitable Direct Marketing, (published in nine countries), Customers for Keeps and Direct Marketing Techniques.

Lois’ articles are published in many magazines, including Direct Marketing Magazine and Today’s Manager and Selling Power and Fortune Small Business.

Lois has appeared on CNN and on CBS radio with Joe Connelly. Monthly she’s on the radio as part of the Jim Blasingame Brain Trust. She is on the Board of Directors of the Direct Marketing Idea Exchange and a member of the Direct Marketing Club of New York, the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, the Financial Women’s Association and the Cornell Club. She won the Silver Apple Award for Lifetime Achievement in Direct Marketing, the Echo Award in direct marketing and many RSVP Awards in the U.S. and Canada.

Lois specializes in breakthrough strategies for companies including Fairmont Hotels Spas, American Express and J.P. Morgan Chase. Her direct mail, Internet, websites, blogs and Social Media strategies have given her high rankings in terms of response and ROI.

Sold! Direct Marketing for the Real Estate Pro

Sold by Lois GellerThis lively book shows the more than 1.25 million real estate agents & brokers in North America how to use the proven techniques of direct marketing to make more money and sell more units. Drawing Sold by Lois Geller on the principles her agency has used in successful campaigns for Ford Motor Company, Weight Watchers, and American Express, Lois introduces real estate professionals to her easy-to-use Geller’s Just In Time DM Program® so they can get the correct message into the proper hands at the right time.

Spiced throughout with Lois’s sane and savvy advice and stellar examples of winning ads and mailing pieces, SOLD! is guaranteed to help you target your marketing efforts, so you will be planting more sold signs and growing your business in no time.

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