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Electrically Alive Water – Alkaline Water

Electrically Alive Water
Electrically Alive Water

Is Our Water Really Dead?

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Electrically Alive Water, life may depend on understanding the difference.  So many of us question why there is so much illness among all of us today?  Even those who have made every attempt to remain healthy.  Could the following information be that important?

The first question many people ask is “why do I need to clean up my body?”  The short answer is: Because we spend a lifetime gunking it up and most of us do a heck of a job!

Our modern food intake, particularly of those foods that contain high levels of wheat and sugar, combined with our sedentary lifestyle, has the effect of seriously slowing down the body’s natural cleaning systems.

We Seriously Need to Cleanse Our Bodies

We need to break loose the toxic buildup that is in the lower digestive tract and bowel.  There are various ways to cleanse the body,  however, without adequate levels of hydration, the process will be very slow.

This brings us to the next question…

What is Electrically Alive Water?

Water that can electrically interface with our cells I believe is the biggest single requirement for this job. There is not one part of the body system that can function in the absence of electrically alive water. The entire electrical function of every cellular process in the body depends on the electrical conductivity of every molecule.

This conductivity increases and decreases depending on the hydration level of the cellular structure.

We’ve been told that drinking water will increase the hydration of every cell within three minutes.   Truthfully, I don’t believe this is the case at all.

Most of all water we’re drinking in today’s cities and towns have been heavily disinfected or chlorinated, even if it’s filtered or bottled it’s not effectively hydrating.

How can chemically damaged water adequately hydrate the human body?

Filtration and water disinfection is important, without it we would most certainly have epidemics.  But after treatment and disinfection,  water is left electrically damaged or electrically dead.

Our chronic lack of hydration happens because of the surface tension of our water.   As a result of chlorination, which bonds the molecules of the water together tightly is far greater than the surface tension of the body fluids that surround every single cell.

Even if chlorine is removed, the surface tension of the water does not revert back to his natural state. The electrical bonding of the molecules of our electrically damaged drinking water is such that the water is unable to electrically interface with other body fluids.

How Chlorine Changes Our Drinking Water

It’s kind of interesting to note that in Switzerland most of the regions and villages have made it illegal to chlorinate any city drinking or eating water, including public swimming pools.  In North America, it’s generally required that public water supplies and swimming pools be heavily disinfected with chlorinated.

The high molecular bonding and surface tension of most water is the reason why when we drink a glass of water, we often need to run to the washroom within a very short period of time. Our bodies elimination system was forced to immediately dump the water, which was unable to be absorbed into our body fluids.

The water, in essence, was toxic to us because of its electrical incompatibility, therefore, our water is not being used to clean and flush our body tissue causing heavy burden on the lymphatic system.

This causes great difficulty for many of us to detoxify our bodies effectively and control obesity, not to mention the extreme stress we have put our kidneys under.

This hydration issue was not so much a problem 100 hundred years ago when we drank the water that was alive the way nature intended. Since we have moved away from the use of streams, springs, and water wells, we have been forced to use chemically laced water that even with filtration is so electrically damaged that it’s largely unavailable to us. I consider this water to be “Electrically Dead.”

There are three rules to effective hydration,  the first rule is Electrically Alive Water.

The second one is Electrically Alive Water… and the third one is?   Yes, you’ve got it, Electrically Alive Water!


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