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Dry Well to Big Water with Colleen Roberts

From Dry Well to Very Happy!
Jim and Laura Harper,
Vancouver Island

Living on acreage and loving gardening is wonderful until you irrigate yourself right out of water and end up with a dry well.  Our ten year old water well had given up the ghost and we were at a loss how to go about finding the right company to do the best job finding us a new water well.

Luckily our good friends had just had some work done by Colleen Roberts and were extremely pleased with the job and service. They gave us Colleen’s name as the contact person who turned out to be the owner of the groundwater company.

It was a Saturday afternoon and I just called to leave a message thinking no one would respond until Monday.  Within two hours Colleen was on the other end of the line extremely concerned that we were in trouble with no water.

I explained we had just had a truck deliver water and were alright for the time being.  Nothing would do, she would be over Sunday night around 8:30pm.  After having a brief conversation about the property and our old dry well she immediately started dowsing.

Approximately one hour later Colleen was ready to pound in her famous stake to mark the exact spot the drillers would put their drill bit to begin drilling.  By Monday morning at 10:30 am the drilling rig was on site and ready to drill with Colleen onsite to make sure the point of the drill was exactly where she wanted it, she has zero tolerance for errors.

Late Monday afternoon they were down about 200 feet with no sign of water so they packed it in for the day. The drillers wanted to hydro-fracture the well but Colleen was adamant they keep going, she does not back down and knows how to manage her well drillers.

She is an incredibly confident woman who knows her business extremely well.   Tuesday around mid morning, all of a sudden there was a huge gush of water. We had hit the jackpot, 30 gallons a minute of beautiful, clear, odor free water. Not only did Colleen find us water, she has become a treasured friend who truly cares about people.

Her follow up was superb even six years later she is still an extremely dedicated groundwater expert who always goes the extra mile for people to make sure they have the best quality water possible.

We just love Colleen and feel really blessed to have met her. She has also introduced us to alkaline water which has also improved our quality of life immensely.

Thank-you Colleen for everything you have done for us.

Jim and Laura

Get The No BS Water Alerts To Your Inbox

Podcast With Dr Paul and Colleen Updates, Webinar Notices and
PDF Reports