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Dehydration Symptoms

NoBSWater-Man-Migraine-Headache-200x200Dehydration Symptoms are not always indicated by a dry mouth alone. Dehydration is not something that happens to people when they wonder around the desert for several days without water. Many are chronically dehydrated and may be experiencing some dehydration symptoms without being aware.

Several years ago I was a relentless consumer of Bottled Water and had been for far to many years… drinking plenty of processed water every day, only to discover I was showing many symptoms of dehydration. I was stunned by this revelation as I had constructed the Mill Bay Water Store using  Reverse Osmosis System to strip all the minerals from the water 13 years ago,  thinking it would be a great contribution to our community… my opinion on bottled water has greatly changed ~ I would never build another water store for any community.

In the water industry we often get caught up in the processing of water and achieving specific end-results with little understanding of the potential harmful effects of our ingenious mineral stripping creations.

There are many common symptoms of dehydration… I’ve learned that Acid Reflux, Fatigue, Constipation, High Blood Pressure, Weight Gain, Liver, Kidney, Digestive Issues, Inflammation, Joint Issues; Arthritis just to name a very few may all be possible indicators of dehydration, were you aware of that? I wasn’t…

Perhaps we’re not really sick after all… but if our bodies are chronically dehydrated we may be experiencing all kinds of symptoms and pain signals.

We depend so much on commercially manufactured beverages, this will only lead to the consumption of more pharmaceuticals as we desperately attempt to cure the degenerative diseases we may acquire as a result of the severe effects of dehydration… that’s right, you may drink a lot of bottled water and still be dehydrated!

While speaking to people about dehydration symptoms they’ll often point out that they do consume plenty of beverages, yes… it’s true many of the beverages we do drink do contain water but not most not all beverages are hydrating and many are not healthy.

We are in this age of science or at least we think we are… when we talk about water we’re generally operating from a chemical mindset. We’ve been taught to see all water as the same, but can easily downplay the most important element in our life.

As a Groundwater Consultant, I have carried the message of water for a long time. Over the past several years I have learned to engage with drinking water on another level of reality, my goal is to teach this very important message with integrity.

Dehydration Symptoms of the Elderly and Children…

Kids are not being educated on the importance of drinking water many are completely reliant on pop, energy, sports drinks or juices. I understand that second to car accidents cancer is now the number one killer of children not to mention all the other dehydration symptoms they may be exhibiting, but we still won’t make the connection to possible dehydration. Rather we’ll allow someone to label our child with ADD or something else and suggest they start taking Ridlin… let’s get these kids on water.

It’s well known that dehydration in elderly people is a massive issue… all we need to do is begin drinking hydrating water and watch the changes that will take place very quickly in our health and well-being. I’ve experienced it myself and have seen it many times over with others. Our bodies are over 70% water, according to The Mayo Clinic an adult loses at least 10 cups of water a day just by breathing, eliminating waste and perspiring. What would happen if you compared this situation to your bank account? Always with-drawing funds and seldom replacing them… you would soon have a financial meltdown!

If you would like to learn more about the symptoms of dehydration and what the World Health Organization has writter about bottled water and heart disease you are welcome to join Dr Paul and I on our Water Education Webinar… we have guests join us from all over the globe, you are welcome too ~ we promise, you will also view water differently!


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Get The No BS Water Alerts To Your Inbox

Podcast With Dr Paul and Colleen Updates, Webinar Notices and
PDF Reports