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Dry Well to Big Water with Colleen Roberts

Living on acreage and loving gardening is wonderful until you irrigate yourself right out of water and end up with a dry well. Our ten year old water well had given up the ghost and we were at a loss how to go about finding the right company to do the best job finding us […]

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Adjusting a Pressure Switch

How to Adjust a Pressure Switch

Learn How to Adjust a Pressure Switch Question from: Todd L. – Reno Nevada Colleen, I would like to learn how to adjust a pressure switch so we will have higher water pressure  in our home. I checked the bladder in my pressure tank and it’s set to 18 psi, does that mean the pressure […]

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The Danger Bio-films in Drinking Water

The 1994 incident was not the first time bio-films had a spotlight in high profile cases. Costerton has testified in court about the presence of bio-films causing problems elsewhere, for example on intrauterine devices or more commonly known as “IUD’s”

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Water Well System

Water Well Systems

How Do Water Well Systems Begin? Safe, adequate water well systems begin with a good well. True, you can improve water chemistry with many different types of treatment and easily disinfect the water when there are contamination concerns. And it may even possible to boost the output of a low producing well. But when designing […]

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Lakefront Property for Sale

Mostly I’m hired to advise on Groundwater issues but an exception would be Lakefront Property for Sale in British Columbia or perhaps other areas. I  remember assisting a young couple who had at that point recently purchased a beautiful lakefront home on Shawnigan Lake in British Columbia. The couple had only been in possession of […]

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Arsenic Poisoning

Arsenic Poisoning

I’ve recently noticed more news articles written about Arsenic poisoning, this time as a result of Arsenic contaminated water wells in the Fraser Valley. Every couple of years the arsenic subject hits the news, then once again it’s quiet. I’m not a specialist in Arsenic poisoning but I do have experience with water wells and […]

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Water Treatment Specialist Leaves Homeowner Confused!

We bought an old home in Rockville, Nova Scotia, just outside Yarmouth. Our well water passed the bacteria tests but still had a powerful smell, especially the hot water, and was looking a little brown and staining the toilets and bath tub. We called in a water treatment specialist and he changed the 20” inline […]

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Well Water Filtration System Basics

Well Water Filtration Systems

A brief overview on Well Water Filtration Systems also referred to as a home well water system or water well treatment systems. Treating well water is a broad subject; one could easily dedicate an entire web site to this entire subject. There are many reasons why domestic water wells may require water treatment of one […]

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Are You Drinking Conditioned
or Soft Water?

An 8-ounce (237-milliliter) glass of softened water generally contains less than 12.5 milligrams of sodium, which is well within the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines definition of “very low sodium.” So, it’s very unlikely that sodium in softened water would pose a risk for most healthy people.

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Real Estate with Water Well Issue

I have just come through the difficulties you describe selling with a failed potability test but my Real Estate deal has completed with some subjects still on it. Well now arranging disinfecting etc with local professionals who carefully took original sample (who might want to sell me $7000 worth of treatment??) but have to wait […]

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