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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Did you hear the one about the cardiologist who had to save his own son’s life when doctors in the emergency room didn’t know what to do? That’s not the beginning of a joke. It’s a true story that, thankfully, had a good ending. But how did it almost end tragically? Let’s start at the […]

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Infected Wisdom Tooth

Infected Wisdom Tooth Might be Pericoronitis Best Home Remedies with Dr Paul

If you’ve had pericoronitis or wisdom teeth symptoms, you know the experience of a wisdom tooth ache. It hurts like crazy when eating, it throbs when you’re not, it can cause fevers, severe illness, and can preoccupy your mind like nothing else.

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fluorosis or mottled teeth200

Dentists Blame Bottled Water For Low Fluoride Levels

Have you ever seen a news story Dentists Blame Bottled Water For Low Fluoride Levels where a purported expert makes a comment that makes you laugh out loud?

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System Safety Speed

A Great Formula For Water

And You Thought It Was Just H20? This weekend I’m attending a conference to further my education unrelated to medicine or water.  During the conference, a formula was presented that was ideal for the topic we’re studying.  I couldn’t get it out of my mind after I got home last night. The ideal formula was […]

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Fluoridation and the CDC

Let’s talk about the curious issue of fluoride in water and governments making this fluoridation happen, for better or for worse. I was academically “raised” on allopathic “western medicine.” Medication, surgery, and other intervention was the norm.

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Lung Disease

Lung Disease, NTM and
Drinking Water

Tuberculosis and lung disease are about breathing, right?  They’re about air, not drinking water… or have we been kidding ourselves?  I’m going to show you here on a water website that there is a relationship between lung disease and drinking water. I’m also going to show you a simple means to minimize your risk of […]

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Get Glowing Skin

Beauty Tips on How To
Get Glowing Skin Naturally

Are you always on the lookout for beauty tips on how to get glowing skin? Maybe, maybe not. But how about your health? Are you concerned about that? The fact of the matter is that the health of the skin and the body inside it is one of the biggest beauty tips you could ever […]

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Probiotics and Water Kefir Grains

Probiotics are very easy to create for very little cost using water kefir grains.  A while back I had never even heard of kefir. What is kefir I hear some of you ask?  It’s a symbiotic mix of yeast and bacteria that acts like other probiotics to help with digestive problems.  We need bacteria to […]

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Natural Cleaning Products For Cleaning Pesticides In Food

  A few days ago I was doing my shopping and one of the natural cleaning products caught my eye in the produce department.  It was this interesting little product called Fruit and Vegetable Wash designed to clear away pesticides in food (but it didn’t say that directly).  I’d never seen it before so I […]

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In The News – Outbreak Of ‘Nightmare Bacteria’ Stirs Worry In Illinois

On January 7th, 2014, reporter Caroline Porter of the Wall Street Journal wrote an article entitled “Outbreak of ‘Nightmare Bacteria’ in Illinois Stirs Worry.” Did it worry YOU?  You might think it would only worry the residents of the Chicago area since that’s where 44 people have become infected over the past year with one […]

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