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Bromelain and Inflammation


Bromelain Inflammation

Why the heck would I be writing about Bromelain on a water website? Because they both have to do with reducing inflammation (if you have the right water, that is). Hang tight and I’ll show you why.

Bromelain is an extract from pineapple. Even though it’s found in pineapple, there’s not a high enough dose in the pineapple plant itself to act as an anti-inflammatory medicine, so I wouldn’t suggest eating pineapples until your eyeballs turn yellow.

The extract was isolated in the late 1800s and approved by the German Commission E as a treatment for swelling and inflammation after surgery, and sinus surgery in particular. It’s been used for more than a century to reduce pain and swelling after surgery, injuries, sprains, etc.

More recent studies show varying results, but many people get relief from tendinitis, foot surgery, dental surgery, etc. In Europe, bromelain is often used for the relief of nasal and sinus swelling following ear, nose, and throat surgery, or even after traumatic injuries.

What about unnatural anti-inflammatories?

The pharmaceutical category of “anti-inflammatory drugs” is huge… with a capital H-U-G-E!!! Why? Because inflammation is a major factor in any disease that ends it “itis” (“itis” means “inflammation” as in tendinitis, appendicitis, meningitis, arthritis, ….). It’s also a major factor in things like heart attacks, strokes, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. It includes all the major killers and most of the symptoms that give us grief in life. Inflammation sucks when it goes beyond its natural usefulness to protect us from body invaders like bacteria, viruses, etc.

Now we know why one of the largest categories of pharmaceuticals is anti-inflammatory drugs. The problem is, most of them have considerably nasty side-effects. Don’t believe me? Go look at almost any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) like aspirin, acetaminophen, arthritis drugs or others and you’ll be in for a surprise.

Many of them warn about the potential increased risks of heart attack and stroke. Minor issues I’m sure… oh wait, they’re like the top killers. Hmmm. And here comes a real paradox.

Inflammation is a big problem and is now considered a major factor in heart disease whereas the factor of high cholesterol is one of those things where we might have been wrong. Do you know how many billions of dollars worth of anti-cholesterol drugs are consumed each year and that might not even be the big issue?

That would be one big OOOPSIE! Especially because anti-cholesterol drugs have unfortunate side effects like neurological problems, muscle loss, impotence, and liver damage. When I was in medical school clear back in the early 1980s, we used to joke that you could die of all these side effects… but your heart would be great. Sick joke, for sure, but the only thing that’s changed since then is that these anti-cholesterol drugs are far more prevalent with all their nasty side-effects.

But I digress.  Inflammation seems to be the underlying factor and not the cholesterol level.

Inflammation is a large and complex topic and I don’t know of any single anti-inflammatory substance, whether natural or pharmaceutical, that helps against all types of inflammation. Research keeps bringing us more useful information… if we’ll actually use it. Here’s some most people still don’t know about.

There is a type of water that is showing several different anti-inflammatory effects. It’s called reduced water or electrolyzed reduced water or what I refer to as “optimized” water.” In different studies it has been shown to reduce inflammation and is a considerable help in controlling diabetes. So why don’t more people know about it? It’s probably been because it used to be very costly to get.

Optimized water occurs naturally from certain springs around the world and a flew glacier runoffs. Once again, mother nature taught us what was best. Humans then created means of recreating this optimized water for easy consumption, any time you want it, as much as you want, and as simple as modifying tap water. We call them Life Support Water Generators.

And side effects? A few come to mind. Common side effects reported are better mental clarity, improved sleep, weight loss, improved eyesight, more energy… Oh wait, those are good things. Cool.

You DON’T have to get on a plane and go to France or Germany or Mexico or Japan where these natural optimized water springs are found. That would be just a tad costly and impractical, don’t you think?

You can get a lot of good information about optimized water by dropping by our blog frequently. We do webinars now and then where we teach about optimized water in detail. Feel free to join us and learn how optimized water can enhance your healthy lifestyle.

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