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Electrically Alive Water

Do You Hate Paying the
Cost of Bottled Water?

Do you and your bank account both hate paying…

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Water Log Documents

The Importance Of
Water Well Logs

A Water Well Log is a very important document…

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All About Water With
Dr Paul and Colleen

We’re Glad You Stopped by No BS Water! A Warm Welcome From Dr Paul and Colleen…   If you thought all water was the same, you’re in for a big surprise.  You see, the assignment we gave ourselves was to sort out the water misinformation mess out there.  There is so much confusion about which […]

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Why All The Buzz About Alkaline Water?

If you’d rather hear this post than read it, feel free to watch the video on YouTube. If you’re looking for healthy water, and you’ve looked up anything about alkaline water on the internet, you’ve seen there’s an abundance of information, with some of it very confusing and some of it even conflicting with itself.  […]

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