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What an Eye Opening Experience with Our Water System

OMG! What would we have done if it hadn’t been for Ms. Colleen Roberts and her “No BS Water Blog”. Let me explain, my husband David and I purchased a small farm in the Triad area of North Carolina in 2010 as a back up retirement plan in case I was to lose my job.

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NoBSWater-Dug-Well Water

Small Acreage and Dug Wells

Question: I live on a small acreage ( 2.8 acres) in Dove Creek in the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island where most of the wells are dug. There are currently 2 dug wells on my property, neither of which produce good water. I believe there is water at the rear of my property and wish to […]

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Real Estate and Water Well Nightmares!

As a purchaser you are in a “Buyer Beware” (caveat emptor) situation… When it comes to real estate and water wells a wise investor will do their due diligence. Don’t allow anyone to pressure you or make any warranties or guarantees without having them in writing!

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Dr Paul Q & A

Q & A with Dr Paul

Do You Have  A Question for Award Winning Dental Surgeon Dr Paul? Dr Paul answers many questions as well as authoring a lot educational material for his online fans… a wonderful and always giving educator! We’ve now put all of Dr Pauls Q&As in one place… if you have a question for Dr Paul please […]

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No BS Water Real Estae with Wate Wells

Buying a Home or Land with a Water Well

If you are buying a home or considering the purchase of Real Estate in North America with a water well then you may find you are offered very little information in regards to the water well system servicing the property. Throughout Canada and the United States a lot of Real Estate is not serviced by […]

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Global Hydrogen Oxide H2O - Red

Arsenic Water Wells
On Salt Spring Island

Yes arsenic can be treated, but I would not personally purchase an arsenic contaminated property. I believe it will generally affect the resale value of a property to some degree as you will limit the number of purchasers who will be willing to purchase a property serviced by an arsenic contaminated well.

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No BS Water Bromolain

Bromelain and Inflammation

Now we know why one of the largest categories of pharmaceuticals is anti-inflammatory drugs. The problem is, most of them have considerably nasty side-effects. Don’t believe me? Go look at almost any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) like aspirin, acetaminophen, arthritis drugs or others and you’ll be in for a surprise.

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Brain Dehydration…
Just 2% Can Make You Stupid

A simple 2% drop in hydration can give you brain fog, not to mention headache, fatigue, dizziness or lightheadedness. All these symptoms come from brain dehydration. This is not how intelligent people like you should ever feel.

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NoBSWater Dehydration Symptoms

Dehydration Symptoms

Dehydration Symptoms are not always indicated by a dry mouth alone. Dehydration is not something that happens to people when they wonder around the desert for several days without water. Many are chronically dehydrated and may be experiencing some dehydration symptoms without being aware. Several years ago I was a relentless consumer of Bottled Water […]

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Water Treatment Specialist Leaves Homeowner Confused!

We bought an old home in Rockville, Nova Scotia, just outside Yarmouth. Our well water passed the bacteria tests but still had a powerful smell, especially the hot water, and was looking a little brown and staining the toilets and bath tub. We called in a water treatment specialist and he changed the 20” inline […]

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