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A Great Formula For Water

And You Thought It Was Just H20? This weekend I’m attending a conference to further my education unrelated to medicine or water.  During the conference, a formula was presented that was ideal for the topic we’re studying.  I couldn’t get it out of my mind after I got home last night. The ideal formula was […]

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Brett Cairns Comax Valley Vancouver Island

Brett Cairns RE/MAX Ocean Pacific Realty

Brett Cairns RE/MAX Ocean Pacific Realty Comox, Vancouver Island Comox Valley includes Comox, Courtenay, Crown Isle, Cumberland, Royston, Union Bay, Fanny Bay, Bowser, Merville, Black Creek and Saratoga Beach, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Let us introduce Brett Cairns from Comox Valley, Vancouver Island… Do you need a Comox Valley real estate agent who will […]

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These are the water tanks in our garage.

Well Drilling…
We Owe What????

He drilled, and drilled, and drilled, and drilled, and drilled, and drilled… ok you get the point. Roberto was out there with him each Saturday and Sunday helping him get us running water. In February 2012 well guy (C) needed to stop.

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Fluoridation and the CDC

Let’s talk about the curious issue of fluoride in water and governments making this fluoridation happen, for better or for worse. I was academically “raised” on allopathic “western medicine.” Medication, surgery, and other intervention was the norm.

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Lung Disease

Lung Disease, NTM and
Drinking Water

Tuberculosis and lung disease are about breathing, right?  They’re about air, not drinking water… or have we been kidding ourselves?  I’m going to show you here on a water website that there is a relationship between lung disease and drinking water. I’m also going to show you a simple means to minimize your risk of […]

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Richard Goldney Vancouver Island

Richard Goldney Remax Anchor Realty

Richard Goldney RE/MAX Anchor Realty Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island Qualicum Beach and Parksville Area, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Let us introduce Richard Goldney & Arlene Goldney from Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island… We were married 38 years ago and moved from Richmond, BC to Qualicum Beach 33 years ago.  We have raised our three children […]

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Water Well Hell

Water Well Hell Story, If You’ve Ever Drill a Water Well this Well Drilling Story Could Save You a Fortune!

Watching helplessly as a well driller goes deeper and deeper into the ground and deeper and deeper into your savings is an excruciating well drilling experience.

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Get Glowing Skin

Beauty Tips on How To
Get Glowing Skin Naturally

Are you always on the lookout for beauty tips on how to get glowing skin? Maybe, maybe not. But how about your health? Are you concerned about that? The fact of the matter is that the health of the skin and the body inside it is one of the biggest beauty tips you could ever […]

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Water Well System

Water Well Systems

How Do Water Well Systems Begin? Safe, adequate water well systems begin with a good well. True, you can improve water chemistry with many different types of treatment and easily disinfect the water when there are contamination concerns. And it may even possible to boost the output of a low producing well. But when designing […]

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Lakefront Property for Sale

Mostly I’m hired to advise on Groundwater issues but an exception would be Lakefront Property for Sale in British Columbia or perhaps other areas. I  remember assisting a young couple who had at that point recently purchased a beautiful lakefront home on Shawnigan Lake in British Columbia. The couple had only been in possession of […]

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