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About No BS Water

About No BS Water

About No BS WaterThank you for stopping by No BS Water… you will notice there’s a lot of information on the No BS Water site and it still continues to grow, almost daily!  My name is Colleen Roberts, yes… I’m the founder of No BS Water.  I never tire of writing about water!

With an extensive background in the Real Estate, Groundwater, Well Drilling and Water Treatment industry, over 25 year at this point (2017) also remaining EOCP Certified in British Columbia.

Over the years, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about water on many levels.  Much of what I’ve learned, I’ve discovered is often valuable and sought after information but the information is not always that easy for the public to access…  especially when it’s needed quickly in many cases. People just don’t have a lifetime to figure all this stuff out.  No BS Water is the platform where I share as much as possible.

I began writing articles on water about 13 years ago, my very first website is still active but VERY old!  Initially, specializing in Real Estate and Water Well issues, I no longer write on the original old blog but it still helps a lot of people from all over the world.  Finally launching the No BS Water website in 2013, the information is here for everyone!  Although this site is now 4 years old, it probably needs a major  upgrade but that will need to wait for winter to roll around again… we are moving into spring of 2017 and it’s not the time to be upgrading major websites.

A Little More About No BS Water…

We get a lot of questions from the public at No BS Water, I may not always have the best answer but, I certainly have access to a lot of other great water experts!  We always help out when and where we can.  Covering all types of topic on water on the No BS Water system… Specifically I personally write mostly about Real Estate and Water Well issues, Water Well Drilling and the benefits of well dowsing (site selection), Groundwater Issues, Water Chemistry and Water Treatment Systems, etc.

We also have a Drinking Water Education System sharing a lot of information about drinking water while shining a spotlight on the excessive consumption of bottled water.

I’m still consulting in the Groundwater industry between Vancouver Island, Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, all appointments need to scheduled.  If you’re in the Fraser Valley needing Water Well Drilling Services please visit

If you have any questions, I welcome you to leave them on the Q & A system.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about Water Wells, Water Treatment, Well Drilling, Water Well Dowsing or any other topic that I may have not mentioned here, or to learn more about No BS Water!

Thanks again…
Colleen Roberts



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Podcast With Dr Paul and Colleen Updates, Webinar Notices and
PDF Reports