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Water Treatment Specialist Leaves Homeowner Confused!

We bought an old home in Rockville, Nova Scotia, just outside Yarmouth. Our well water passed the bacteria tests but still had a powerful smell, especially the hot water, and was looking a little brown and staining the toilets and bath tub. We called in a water treatment specialist and he changed the 20” inline […]

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No BS Water - Optimized Water

What Do Chewing Gum And Optimized Water Have in Common?

Ok… seriously! What Does Chewing Gum And Optimized Water Have in Common? Answer: Teeth For many years dentists have been advising that if you can’t brush after eating, grab a piece of chewing gum and chew on it for about 20-30 minutes. Ever wondered why? And have you ever wondered why your dentist didn’t say […]

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No BS Water Aquaporin Representation

Aquaporins: Holey Cell Walls, Batman!

Water moves much faster across cell membranes than can be explained by simple leaky diffusion. It HAS to move rapidly for our biological machinery to function. The discovery of aquaporins in 1993 explained how that was possible. If you think that’s not much of a big deal, think again. The discoverer, Peter Agre, was awarded […]

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