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Thirst is Dehydration

So you finally settle on the obvious idea to overcome the effects of dehydration: water. But there’s one more dilemma: bottled water vs tap water. If you believe all the marketing hype then you’ll go with the bottled water, and for that privilege, you will get to pay anywhere from 1000 to 10,000 times the […]

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No BS Water Podcast with
Dr Paul and Colleen

Podcast with Dr Paul and Colleen… We look forward to connecting with you through the No BS Water Podcast with Dr Paul and Colleen in Spring 2014! No BS Water, Dr Paul and Colleen are great supporters of community… our goal is to help communities grow stronger. Along with the obvious scheme of this blog […]

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“You Are What You Eat”
Is Only 30% Accurate…

You might wonder what’s one of the first symptoms of dehydration. Again, it varies for different individuals, but BRAIN FOG and lack of clarity in thought happens at just 2% dehydration. This can happen EVEN BEFORE YOU GET THIRSTY.

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